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With us, you won't have to wait your turn to train. Weight machines, we have a lot of them and of all kinds.


Increase your muscle mass and take advantage of the advice of our qualified trainers to evolve faster.

No matter what your goal is: to gain mass, to gain dry muscle, to lose weight and increase muscle mass, we can help you! Our top of the line equipment, and in quantity, will make you happy!




HEALTH BAR (Coming soon)

Before, during or after your workout, we have what you need to give you energy; smoothies, energy drinks, protein bars, healthy wraps and a variety of prepared foods to help you perform and recover well after your workout!


Whether it's to give you an energy boost before your workout, to quell a hunger pang or to eat dinner before going back to work, our health bar is the perfect option to fuel your body for maximum balance.


BOXING (coming soon)

Improve your cardio, reflexes and endurance; develop your speed, agility and overall coordination in our well-equipped boxing gym with two rings for sparring.


Whether you want to learn Olympic boxing techniques or practice your jab with our certified trainers or your sparring partner, our boxing gym is the place to push your limits!



At the Pro Gym, you can work out and get hair care, all in one place. Maximize your time by making an appointment before or after your workout.



Come and get your hair done in our salon!



The Physimax store offers you a wide range of high quality products, nutritional supplements and clothing to help you perform better!


Amino acids, creatine, proteins, mass gain, weight loss, vitamins and minerals, hormonal stimulators, in short, we have everything for all your needs!


Our team of professionals will be happy to inform you and advise you on the best options to maximize your training.



Hygie Clinic offers you a non-surgical and painless solution to treat your back problems: neuro-vertebral decompression with the SpineMED technology table. This technique consists of applying a distraction force along the spine, which will allow the vertebrae to spread out to give more space to the invertebral discs and reduce the pressure on the nerve. At the same time, tension in the ligaments and muscles is relieved.  A session lasts 30 minutes and sessions can be fully customized to your condition.

If you suffer from back pain caused by herniated discs, disc degeneration, torticollis, neck pain, sciatic pain, facet arthritis...), come and see us for a decompression session.